Use policy for Andrew Roberts' web site

Preservation policy

This resource was first established on the Middlesex University website in April 1999. In May 2007 it was reestablished on its own site ( to enable archiving by the UK Web Archiving Consortium. We are in the process of establishing a charitable trust to maintain the resource at the studymore web address beyond the life of its author.

Use policy for Andrew Roberts' web site

The gist of this page is that I want you to use the material on my site freely for academic and non-commercial purposes, but that the copyright in the pages I have written remains mine. Please read the detail below for further guidance.

Most of the pages on this site are the copyright of Andrew Roberts. I am reserving all rights to them, and asserting my moral rights in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988 (whatever that means).

If you want to reproduce, store in a retrieval system, or transmit, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, any part of the copyright material, you need my prior permission. This may already have been given by the "General Permissions" below. If not, you can drop me a line by the Communication Form.

General Permissions

You can download any web page to your computer, which you probably did when you read it, and keep a copy there, which your browser will probably do automatically.

If you have a web site, I am very happy for you to create links to any part of my site. I try to maintain web page addresses so that your links will not become obsolete. If you would like me to consider a link from my site to yours, let me know.

You have permission to print pages for your own use. If you include the web page address on the printout, you can share printed pages with friends or colleagues for personal study.

You do not need my permission to quote from my site in your essay, research etc. I am very happy that you should do so. If you choose to write to me about it, I will be pleased to hear from you.

I will think about other general permissions that will allow individuals to use my web pages for personal study - and add them here.

To contact Andrew Roberts, you can use the Communication Form

Please contact me about any use of my web pages that is not covered by the above general permissions. I am generally favourable to my work being used elsewhere for academic and non commercial purposes. If you want to do so, and send me an email, it will not only be of interest to me, but will help me formulate some relevant general permissions to cover similar cases.

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If you use my website for information or inspiration for an essay, thesis, book or another web site, it would be really nice of you to reference it, just as you would a book or article.

I give advice on how to reference at the bottom of most of the web pages.

Click here for an example of how web pages have been referenced in one recent book.