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International Network for training, education
and research into Hearing Voices

World Hearing Voices Day:
Thursday, 14th September 2006

Is hearing voices part of an illness or a human variation that does not have to result in illness?

Have you ever heard a voice that seemed real to you when there was no apparent external cause?

The international hearing voices movement knows many people who have. Unfortunately, most people who hear voices keep it to themselves - in our society it’s a very stigmatising experience and people automatically assume you must be crazy if you say you hear voices. For this reason we have decided to hold our first World Hearing Voices Day as a way of both celebrating this variation in human experience and to counter the secrecy and negative stereotyping surrounding this way of being.

In November last year, Louise Pembroke, a voice hearer and psychiatric survivor from England proposed that INTERVOICE (The International Network for Training, Education and Research into Hearing Voices) should hold its own World Hearing Voices Day to:

celebrate the hearing of voices as part of the diversity of human experience and increase awareness of the fact you can hear voices and be healthy
challenge negative attitudes towards people who hear voices or the incorrect assumption that this is in itself a sign of an illness, an assumption made about them that is not based on their own experiences, is stigmatising, isolating and makes people ill
raise awareness of the issues facing the estimated 4% of women, men and children who hear voices across the world

For a mostly unfunded network this was a challenge indeed, but one that has been taken up by our members with energy and creativity and has resulted in an impressive array of events and activities that are being held in 14 countries across the world - from Australia to Finland. See below for further details about the events we are holding.

The theme of the World Hearing Voices Day addresses whether hearing voices should be considered an illness or as part of the diversity of human experience that does not in itself have to result in an illness.

Jacqui Dillon, Chair of the English Hearing Voices Network said:

“I have been a voice hearer since I was a small child as a consequence of serious abuse that I experienced throughout my childhood. My own experiences within mental health services were so damaging and negative that I was passionate about improving services so that they would be helpful to people in mental distress rather than hindering them. When I joined the Network I saw a powerful means of making change, which enabled voice hearers to reclaim their experiences and the Hearing Voices Network has enabled me to make changes in my world and to become part of a collective voice for change. For someone who was told that she would never recover, life could not be better!”

In announcing the World Hearing Voices Day, The President of INTERVOICE, Dutch psychiatrist, Professor Marius Romme said:

“Because of the fears and misunderstandings in society and within psychiatry about hearing voices, they are generally regarded as a symptom of an illness, something that is negative, to be got rid of and consequently the content and meaning of the voice experience is rarely discussed.  

In contrast, our work and research has shown that over 70% of people who hear voices can point to a traumatic life event that triggered their voices; that talking about voices and what they mean is a very effective way to reduce anxiety and isolation; and that even when the voices are overwhelming and seemingly destructive they often have an important message for the hearer. With the support of the worldwide hearing voices network, voice hearers, some of whom have spent long periods of time in psychiatric care have reclaimed their lives and are now able to say they hear voices and accept them as part of themselves.  Our journey to better understand the voice hearing experience has now been going on for almost twenty years and we thought this would be a good time to celebrate our achievements and to make our work better known across the world.”

This research and work on hearing voices represents a real challenge to the current understanding of the voice hearing experience, provides a message of hope and the possibility of recovery from serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Building on success
In the build up to the first World Hearing Voices day a 3 day international conference was held in Manchester UK on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September. During the course of this highly successful event, three major initiatives were presented:

1) The announcement of World Hearing Voices Day on September 14th
2) The launch of CASL: The campaign for the abolition of the schizophrenia label.
3) The formation of a European Association for Democratic Psychiatry (also to be known as the International Association for Democratic Communities.)

The conference had been called to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Asylum: an international magazine for democratic psychiatry, psychology, education and community development. It was also the 15th anniversary of the Hearing Voices Network: a network of self-help groups which has transformed the understanding of mental experience and provided for recovery from psychotic conditions.

Julie Downs speaking for the Hearing Voices Network said:
“The research started by Marius Romme and Sandra Escher twenty years ago in the Netherlands is now accepted and developed in the mainstream throughout the world. It suggests that hearing voices is a human variation that does not need to result in an illness. Social presumptions about hearing voices are negative and are not based on the experience of voice hearers. These assumptions are stigmatizing, isolating and offer no hope of recovery, therefore making people ill. Members of hearing voices networks in at least fourteen different countries are organising events on September 14th to open a public debate.

Paul Hammersley from the University of Manchester stated:
“The concept of Schizophrenia has outlived its usefulness. It has become scientifically worthless, is neither valid nor reliable and tells us nothing about cause, prognosis or suitable treatment options for individual service users. Worse still, it is a highly stigmatizing diagnostic category that labels individuals as chronically ill, potentially violent and beyond hope, none of which are true. This ‘label’ is not only unhelpful in our understanding of psychological distress, but actually harmful and reduces people’s chance of recovery. The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology, under pressure from users and families groups recognised this fact in 2002 and formally abandoned the concept of schizophrenia, recognising that it was associated with deep rooted negative prejudice and the inhumane treatment of those with this diagnosis. The new term `Togo shitcho sho’ (Integration disorder), has been welcomed by both service users and professionals. There are now ample reasons for starting a public debate towards a more reasonable use of language in the UK.”

Editor of Asylum, community psychologist Dr Terence McLaughlin added: “The commentator Jonathan Freedland was right to suggest that we are on the verge of the last great civil rights movement. In fact the time is now ripe to put an end to what we have come to call psychophobia. The practical and theoretical knowledge and above all the independent community resources are available to put in place real democratic processes. Furthermore this same call is being heard from all around the world. The new international association will be open equally to both `experts by experience’ and `experts by training’. It will herald a new beginning by bringing together international energies for positive change.”

Further information can be obtained from:

Information about INTERVOICE

  • show that hearing voices is a normal though unusual variation in human behaviour
  • show that the problem is not hearing voices but the inability to cope with the experience
  • educate society about the meaning of voices so as to reduce ignorance & anxiety and to ensure this innovatory approach on voice hearing is better known by voice hearers, families, professionals and the general public
  • demonstrate the wide variety of voice hearing experiences and their origins, and peoples' approaches to coping
  • increase the quality and quantity of mutual support available to all people and organisations involved in hearing voices work across the world
  • make our work more effective and develop more non-medical ways of helping voice hearers cope with their experience

For more information re. Voice hearing and/or organising interviews with experts by experience (voice hearers) and experts by training (psychologists, psychiatrists etc) please contact Paul Baker, coordinator INTERVOICE, email:



World Hearing Voices Day Events

Participating Countries
Events details
Other activities
Get your own WHVD T-Shirt
Publications on hearing voices
Some well known voice hearers

Participating Countries:
More than 40 events and other activities to celebrate World Hearing Voices Day are being held on and around the 14th September in 14 different countries:

Germa ny
New Zealand
United States of America


Events details:


Date: 14 September 2006:
Title: All-Austrian seminar for and by voice hearers and then a reading from an Austrian author - Brigitte Schwaiger.
Description: All-Austrian seminar for and by voice hearers and then a reading from an Austrian author - Brigitte Schwaiger. Ms Schwaiger wrote a very popular book in the late 70's that has become part of the Austrian canon and is therefore well known in Austria and in Germany. She has written a new book about her experience a psychiatric patient and voice hearer. This book will be coming out this month. She has agreed to do a reading from this new book in cooperation with our project and the local library. We are sure that this reading will attract a lot of attention in the media. For more information email:

Date: 14 September 2006:
Title: Picnic to celebrate World Hearing Voices Day
Description: As part of a worldwide initiative, the Hearing Voices Network Australia joins international groups in their efforts to mark this day by holding a picnic and increasing awareness of the voice hearing experience. For more information see the poster at


Date: 5th September 2006:
 Title: Hearing Voices Day Celebration: With guest speaker Peter Bullimore from the Paranoia Network/Hearing Voices Network will be talking about how he regained control of his life. 10.00 – 14.00 at the Meadowbrook, Recreation Room, Salford.
For further information contact 0161 772 3761 email:

Date: 6th – 8th September 2006:
Title “Stories of Hearing Voices: Restoring human experience to communities”: Three day conference, see programme on For more information contact

Date: 14th September 2006:
Title: World Hearing Voices Day Parade with music and a social evening, everyone is invited to assemble at 17.00 in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. Raffle of beautiful colourful poppy quilt made by Kathy Lee (see below for more details). For more information contact telephone 08451228641

Date: 14th September 2006:
Title: World Hearing Voices Picnic in Hyde Park, London. An opportunity to talk about life as a voice hearer, to chill out in the sun and to share a picnic. For more information contact Jacqui Dillon at 0207911 0822

Date: 14 September 2006:
Title: World Hearing Voices Celebration and Information Day: A video about hearing voices will be screened and information about the experience available. Refreshments will be served over lunchtime. Mind Day Centre, Hardy Street, Worksop, Nottingham. 10.00 to 15.00. For more information contact 01909 502001 or 01909 712231

Date: 14 September 2006:
Title: World Hearing Voices Celebration and Awareness Day: Event included free information on hearing voices, a book stall with many discounted books, a video presentation, T-shirts for sale and the opportunity to talk to voice hearers who have learnt to live with their voices. To be held at the Limbrick Centre, Limbrick Road, Sheffield, S6 2PE. For more information contact Peter Bullimore on 0114 2718210 / 07775977210or Peter Cawley on 07775977210

Date: 14 September 2006: Title: Learning how to communicate with people who experience psychosis – psychological approaches to hearing voices led by Mark Heywood followed by a performance of “Dedication to the Seven” by Louise Pembroke.

Details: Workshop to be held at the 6th Annual Training and Education Conference:  Training and Education for Delivering Psychological Therapies, ORT House Conference Centre, London. For more information contact:

Date: 14th and the 16th September 2006:
Title: Launch of the Wolverhampton Hearing Voices Group: A new hearing voices group (there are now over 160 in the UK) is being launched to coincide with the World Hearing Voices Day. Events will be taking place on the 14th September at the Wulfrun Centre and on the 16th September in the Queen’s Square. For more information contact: Liz or Jayne on 01902 715871

Date: 15th September 2006:
 Title: “Survivor activism in action” …in support of World Hearing Voices Day, co-facilitated by Louise Pembroke and Sara Stanton. 13.30am – 14.30, Edgware Community, Hospital, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 0AD.  For more information contact  and to confirm your place email Ingrid Barre at Tel: 020-8951-2156

Date: 21st September 2006:
Title: Meet Nancy Mellor author of “Schizophrenia: Exploding the myth”.
19.00, Waterstones, Albion Street, Leeds, sponsored by Asylum Associates, the event is free, tickets from the shop.


Date: 14 September 2006:
Title: There is a seminar being held in Helsinki to celebrate the World Hearing Voices Day. For further details contact or telephone +358408309663


Date: 14th September 2006:
Title: International stemmehører dag i Aarhus 2006, to be held at Lokalpsykiatri Centrum, Kanikkegade 12, 8000 Aarhus C. For more information contact:


Date: 11th of September 2006:
Title: Press Conference to launch new book by voice hearer Hannelore Klafke (3.9.1952 - 4.9.2005). Peter Lehmann Publishing has organized a press conference for the new book by Hannelore Klafki (3.9.1952 - 4.9.2005) Meine Stimmen – Quälgeister und Schutzengel. Texte einer engagierten Stimmenhörerin in which she talks about her experiences with her voices (see publications in this forum). Peter will also talk about the World Hearing Voices Day. The book will be published on the 14th of September to coincide with WHVD.  For more information contact + 49 (0)30 8596 3706 Mo – Fr 10.00 – 16.00 (central European time) or email

Date: 14th of September 2006:
In Frankfurt and in Berlin there will be World Hearing Voices Day information booths. All members of the German HV Network were informed about the day through a letter and there is information on the website homepage. A letter was sent to the Federal president, the health minister, the mayor of Berlin, and the local health minister for Berlin to inform them of the day and ask for support. A press release has been sent to 25 newspapers and journals and they have contacted radio and TV station, some have already answered and are interested in publishing articles. For more information contact


Date: 14 September 2006:
Giornata Mondiale Uditore Di Voci to be held at the Casa Della Cultura, Firenza (Florence), Via Forlanini, 164.
All day seminar from 10.00 – 16.30 with presentations by Donatella Miccinesi on the progress of the progress of Hearing Voices Groups; Pino Pini on the theoretical and practical differences in contrasting the work of Kraepelin (who developed the concept of schizophrenia) and Marius Romme who developed the work on hearing voices. Also presentations by voice hearer’s Consuelo Rossi, Salvatore Cesario and Guiliana Missio on their personal experience of hearing voices. For more information contact: Telephone: 3285493504 or email


Date: 9th September 2006
A local Hearing Voices meeting with a symposium was held in Okayama city last Saturday, 9th September 2006. This was linked directly with the WHV Day on the 14th. 32 people got together at the meeting. W.Sato presented an outline of the hearing voices ideas and approaches, 2 voice hearers and another person with a delusion of reference presented their life stories with hearing voices or delusions, all of which were moving. Lastly, a psychiatrist using holistic medicine learnt from the Hearing Voices approach presented his experiences. Among the 32 attendants, 21 were newcomers all of whom but one voice hearer were parents and care workers. The event was advertised in a local newspaper covering Okayama and neighborhood prefectures. We had enthusiastic Q&As and very good discussions.
Date: 14h September 2006
A group of community mental health care named Foo in Ibaragi prefecture is planning a meeting on 14th September with their users hearing voices as a programme of one of their groups called "Information Explorers".

23rd September 2006
The Suita Voice Hearers Group in Osaka prefecture is going to have their regular meeting on 23rd September. They are expecting that information from the worldwide events marking the WHV Day will stimulate them and their worldwide voice hearing fellows.


Date: 14 September 2006:
Open Day to celebrate World Hearing Voices Day organised by Weerklank to be held at Brandpunt, Oude Utrechtseweg 4 te Baarn. Starts 11.00, speakers include Jan Dirk Blom (author of ‘Deconstructing schizophrenia’) and Iwona Smoctunowicz. For further information contact e-mail:

Date: 14 September:
A day full of presentations about hearing voices between 11.00 en 16.00 organised by A.C. van der Kallen, a voice hearer who has never been a patient, The meeting will be held at Escheweg 75, -5262 TV VUGHT Nrd.Brabant. For more information contact:

Date: 14 September:  
Suzanne Engelen, Dirk Corsten and Sandra Escher will give presentations for students at the Maastricht University at 20.00 hours. For further information contact Suzanne Engelen;


Date: 14 September 2006:
Title: World Hearing Voices Day:  Description: To mark the first World Hearing Voices Day, Pillar is holding an Information and awareness afternoon for Voice hearers, families, carers and professionals. Voice Hearers hope to share their experiences to increase understanding. All welcome! 14 Sep 2006, Time 1pm—4 pm, Venue Pillar Aberdeen, 20 Back Wynd, Aberdeen, AB10 1JP. Tel: (01224) 621266 / 642854, E-mail: Visit :

New Zealand

Date: 14th September: 2006
Title: Hearing Voices Forum: Description: A Forum with speakers presenting on the experience of hearing voices from cultural, spiritual and clinical perspectives. Hear about different perspectives on the experience of hearing voices; Meet other voice-hearers and share experiences over a light supper; Discuss ideas for the establishment of a NZ Hearing Voices Network. All welcome, voice-hearers, their friends and families, researchers and clinicians. Ron Coleman from the Scottish Hearing Voices Network will speak about the establishment of this organisation and encourage discussion on the setting up of a Hearing Voices Network in New Zealand. 17.30 - 20.00 at: Leys Institute, 20 St Marys Road, Ponsonby, Auckland (parking at back of building, off Dedwood Tce)


Date: 14 September 2006:
Title: A World Hearing Voices Day Celebration will be held in Sodertalje (just south of Stockholm). For more information contact: Anneli Westling at

Date: 12 - 14 September 2006:
Title: A World Hearing Voices Day Celebration will be held in Umea. From the 12th, there will be an information stand outside the library in the city centre, about the World Hearing Voices Day; about InterVoice; about the Hearing Voices Movement; and about the open meetings for voice hearers in Umea. There will also be a poster with the INTERVOICE logo and the program for the 14th. (posters will be put up throughout the city) On the 14th September from 11.00 to 15.00 we will also put up an information stand and table, at the same place as before, with books, articles, essays etc. Some information leaflets can also be handed out. Hopefully there will be some voice hearers present and available for people to ask questions and discuss issues. Some of the hosts from our meetings (some work within psychiatry, some in social psychiatry and some in consumer organisations) will also be there. 

And in the evening, 6 p.m., two films will be shown by the user organisation RSMH: First a documentary and afterwards "Field of Dreams" There will also be room to ask questions and discuss experiences.

There will also be celebration of the day in Skelleftea. They will have their activity house open 5-7 p.m., so that people can come there to get information and coffee for free.

For more information contact Kristina Lindgren at


Date: 14th September 2006:
Title and description: The Swiss Hearing Voices Network will be holding a debate and conference entitled Entendre des Voix: Faut-il s’en inquiéter? …Speakers include:
Professeur Gilles BERTSCHY    Service de psychiatrie adultes HUG.
Monsieur Eric MERCIER           &n bsp; Témoignage
M. François LEDERMANN          Thérapeute, philosophe, Président du R.E.E.V.

To be held at 20.00, Maison des Associations, 15 rue des Savoises, Salle Gandhi,
Geneve. For more information contact .E.E.V, C.P. 235, 1211  GENEVE  17,  Tél.  022 – 346 48 21 (morning)

United States of America:

Dates to be determined:

Title: “How to facilitate a voice hearing group” and “How to successfully appeal the decisions of your managed care provider” hosted by the Madison Hearing Voices Group.  For more information contact

Other actitivities:


Raffle of beautiful colourful poppy quilt (67” by 82”) made by Kathy Lee. Tickets are £1.00 and are available from Kathy Lee, 79 Chiltern Avenue, Northampton, NN5 6AU.

Competition: To commemorate the World Hearing Voices Day the Hearing Voices Network: Cymru is holding a competition open to anyone in the world. To enter the competition answer the following question.

What was the name of psychiatric illness given to any black slave who ran away from their “duties” thereby exhibiting an “excessive” desire for freedom?
Was the psychiatric “illness” known as:

Anorexia nervosa?

Answers on a postcard or a sealed down envelop, giving your name and address and telephone number. Send your answer by 1st November to: World Hearing Voices Day Competition 2006 (Cymru). Hearing voices Network Cymru, Upper Robeston. Robeston West, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. SA73 3TL. The winner of the competition will receive the excellent, thought provoking American DVD “What the bleep do we know”, the 2 hour DVD deals with the theme of quantum physics and spirituality, implying in an entertaining, clear and effective manner that there is a reality beyond time and space.


World Hearing Voices T-Shirt
Wear it with pride – your own World Hearing Voices T-Shirt in a range of colours and sizes and with a cool WHVD logo. Price £6.99 plus p&p. Contact Peter Bullimore, Asylum Associates/Sheffield Hearing Voices Network at or phone + 44 (0)114 2728210


  • show that hearing voices is a normal though unusual variation in human behaviour
  • show that the problem is not hearing voices but the inability to cope with the experience
  • educate society about the meaning of voices so as to reduce ignorance & anxiety and to ensure this innovatory approach on voice hearing is better known by voice hearers, families, professionals and the general public
  • demonstrate the wide variety of voice hearing experiences and their origins, and peoples' approaches to coping
  • increase the quality and quantity of mutual support available to all people and organisations involved in hearing voices work across the world
  • make our work more effective and develop more non-medical ways of helping voice hearers cope with their experience

For help on hearing voices in the UK contact:
HEARING VOICES CONFIDENTIAL HELPLINE: 0845 122 8642, 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday, calls are charged at local rate.
Hearing Voices Network, 79 Lever Street, Manchester M1 1FL. Enquiries and information: 0845 122 8641, Email:
Website:, Registered Charity Number 1094201 

For more information on the Hearing Voices Movement go to Wikipedia

For more information on press coverage of hearing voices research go to:,8149,606449,00.htm l


Publications on hearing voices:
1.       Accepting Voices: A New Approach to Voice-hearing Outside the Illness Model. By M. Romme & S. Escher. Mind, 1993.
2.       Hearing voices - A Common Human Experience by John Watkins. Hill of Content Publishing, Melbourne, Australia, 1998.
3.       Making Sense of Voices - A guide for professionals who work with voice hearers by M. Romme and S. Escher. Mind, 2000.
4.       Voices of Reason, Voices of Insanity - Studies of Verbal Hallucinations by Ivan Leudar and Philip Thomas. Routledge/Psychological Press, 2000.
5.       Working with Voices - Victim to Victor by Ron Coleman & Mike Smith. Handsell Publications, 1997.
6. Hearing Voices: embodiment and experience by Lisa Blackman. London: Free Association Books.
7. Deconstructing Psychopathology by Parker, I; Harper, D; McLaughlin, T and Stowell-Smith, M. London: Sage.

Also from the Hearing Voices Network England:

Basic Information about Hearing Voices, Chris Stirk and Julie Downs, £1.85.

Medication, Dr Philip Thomas and Rufus May. £1.85

Starting and Supporting Hearing Voices Groups, Julie Downs, £6.00.

Coping With Voices and Visions written by people who have these experiences. £5.00.

Mind over Matter, M. Valerio £3.50.

Raising Our Voices, Adam James £8.50.

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse: making the tactics visible. Sam Warner £8.50.

PAMPHLETS all £1.35

Hearing Voices: My own experience. Mickey de Valda

Life: a humorous perspective. Jon Williams

Hearing Voices: a description of the work of Professor Marius Romme on hearing voices. University of Maastricht.

Different Perspectives: the importance of a diversity of explanations. Paul Baker.

Romme and Escher: The Dutch Experience. Nigel Rose.


Some well known voice hearers:

Philosophers and thinkers
Emanuel Swedenborg
Sigmund Freud
Carl Gustav Jung
Mahatma Gandhi
Jean-Paul Sartre

Authors, musicians and creative artists
Jonathan Swift
Robert Schumann
Henri Rousseau
Ben Johnson
Walt Whitman
Edgar Allen Poe
Charles Dickens
Virginia Woolf
Evelyn Waugh
Sylvia Plath
Philip K Dick
Anthony Hopkins
Zoe Wanamaker
Paul McCartney
Brian Wilson

Spiritual and religious figures
St Paul
Joan d'Arc
Peter the Hermit
St Augustine
St.Teresa of Avila
St Francis
John Bunyon
George Fox (Founder of the Quakers)
Joseph Smith (Founder of the Mormons)

Leaders and rulers
Alexander the Great
Oliver Cromwell

Scientists,Discoverers & Explorers
Christopher Columbus
Isaac Newton
John Nash


An event to set the scene for another twenty years


Organised by Asylum Associates in association with the Discourse Unit in the Manchester Metropolitan University

September 6th, 7th and 8th 2006 Manchester UK

Asylum magazine, The Hearing Voices Network, Psychology Politics Resistance Asylum Associates

Restoring human experience to communities

Twelfth Anniversary of the founding of Psychology Politics Resistance
Fifteenth Anniversary Conference of the Hearing Voices Network
Twentieth Anniversary Celebrations of Asylum Magazine

An international meeting in the week leading up to
World Hearing Voices Day: 14th September

Performance arts, exhibitions, stalls, workshops, presentations, seminars and the founding meeting of the European Association for Democratic Psychiatry
(International Association for Democratic Communities)

Venue: the Manchester Metropolitan University
Didsbury campus, Simon Building.
Cost: Standard Day waged or funded: £55, part time £30, unwaged £15
2-3 days waged or funded: £100, part time £60, unwaged £25

Day 1 Wednesday 6th: Radical Practitioners and Publications Fair sponsored by Asylum Associates and Psychology Politics Resistance (PPR)

Registration 9.30

Healing Therapies Room open throughout the conferences: Co-ordinator: Carole Dugdale GWFSH Spiritual Healer.
Poet in residence expected: Carol Batton.
Special exhibition of the works of Crow Holbeche, hero of the resistance to forced psychiatric treatment.

10.15 am A Welcome to Manchester by Marie Chapman.

10.30 Press Conference:

1. World Hearing Voices Day (September 14th)
Jacqui Dillon, Peter Bullimore, Marius Romme, Sandra Escher, Julie Downs

2. The launch of CASTLe (Campaign To Abolish the Schizophrenia Label)
Paul Hammersley.

3. Building a European Association for Democratic Psychiatry and an International Association for Democratic Communities. Terence McLaughlin.

11.15 Radical practice in Denmark and Norway: Jorn Erickson and Geir Frederickson

LUNCH 12 noon

Seminars and Workshops

1pm – 4pm `Auditory and Visual Deleuzians’ a team of international speakers discuss what the ideas of Gilles Deleuze have to offer the Hearing Voices Network.

`Just Listening: A U-Turn In Response To A Call (ethical-deconstructive therapy and networking toward an international community of just listeners).
Leon Redler (pioneer with R.D.Laing of Kingsley Hall)

Exeter Hearing Voices Network - Who we are, what we are about: Constructions of a hearing voices group – a discourse analytic study.
Bridie Kelly, Lyn McClelland, Pat Rubies.

The communicube: Five Story Self Structure.
John Casson

4 .15 pm Keynote: `The Psychiatric Drug Conspiracy’ by Joanna Moncrief

Plenary Discussion.

5.30 Close

Day 2 Thursday 7th


9.30 Registration: Healing Therapies Room continues throughout the conference.

10.00 Welcome by Tony Lloyd M.P.

10.15 Jacqui Dillon (title tba)

10.45 Sandra Escher (Children and voices: tba)

11.15 Break

11.30 Terry Lynch: Hearing Voices. Restoring human experience to individuals and communities

12.00 Peter Bullimore: Schizophrenia – dispelling the myths.

12.30 Marius Romme: A more helpful alternative to the harmful concept of schizophrenia.

1.15 LUNCH

2.15 Afternoon workshops and seminars

Mary Maddock: Irish Soteria – Sli Eile(Another Way) `Other ways from personal discovery.

Belfast Hearing Voices Group: `What is going on?’

Chas de Swiet: – an interactive online portrayal of hearing voices.

John Robinson: Boundaries or barriers in counselling.

Sandra Escher and Jacqui Dillon: Childhood abuse and voices.

Brian Hickman and Julie Downs: Starting and supporting hearing voices groups.


4.15 Break

4.30 Dance performance by Louise Pembroke

5.00 Plenary and close 5.45. Evening Social tba

Day 3 Friday 8th


9.30 Registration:

10 am Open Seminar on the International Paranoia Network including presentations on experience and discussion of the Maastricht Interview for Paranoia.
Discussants include Marius Romme, Sandra Escher, Peter Bullimore, Peter Cawley, Steven Simmonite Wayne Clay, Amanda Evans, Michelle Campbell, Terence McLaughlin and Alec Jenner

12.00 LUNCH

1pm Alec Jenner `at 80’ with Phil Virden - founders of Asylum magazine `Some Reflections on the 20 years’.

1.30 Meeting for the planning and founding of the European Association for Democratic Psychiatry (International Association for Democratic Communities).
Including by special invitation, Pino Pini, a psychiatrist member of Psychiatria Democratica and independent radical pioneer of the self help movement in Italy.

End of business Close


World Hearing Voices Day
September 14th 2006

It is estimated that worldwide, up to 4% of men, women and children hear voices, as part of a worldwide initiative,the Hearing Voices Network is holding a series of international, and national events to increase awareness of the voice hearing experience.

Is hearing voices an illness or a human variation that does not have to result in an illness?

Social presumptions about hearing voices are negative and are not based on the experience of voice hearers. These assumptions are stigmatising, isolating and therefore make people ill.

Members of Resonance (Dutch HVN) are organising together with the Hearing Voices Network in the UK , the German network, Nest in Berlin and voice hearers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Palestine, Australia and America events in which they will open a public debate



Soul Survivor Mary & Jim Maddock
Soul Survivor
Mary & Jim Maddock


"If there is any consolation for the loss of twenty years, it is that from it comes this wonderful book."
Dorothy Rowe.

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