Picture introduction to Andrew Roberts' web site

Picture introduction to Andrew Roberts' web site

This is the parliamentary bench symbol from Hobbes, representing the power of discussion that balances the power of war. When you see it on this site, click on it to return to Andrew Roberts' Home Page.

The ABC image will take you to the Home Page of the web ABC Study Guide. The ABC symbolises that difficult ideas can be expressed in plain English and that making ideas accessible improves the quality of University education.

If you find Mary Wollstonecraft looking at you, she will take you to the home page for the social science timeline, dictionary, history for budding theorists, lectures, people and ideas, and extracts. Her picture was drawn by Ruth Nichols.
Hobbes' image for the power of thought will introduce you to Society, History and Environment, the Middlesex University courses on the history of social science history.

The ability path will lead you to the page that Hamhp (Hackney Action on Learning Difficulties) shares with mental health.

Linked together is the Makaton sign for "with". It will take you to pages that link us together on the internet. The sign links the pages in a circle. Clicking on it, page by page, will take you through the different link pages on this site.