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Susan Storrar and Sara Havard visited Hamhp on Thursday 9th May 2002

Susan Storrer is the director of HILT

Sara Havard manages HILT's day services

But what is HILT?

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Hilt helps people with a learning difficulty to live as part of the community and as independently as possible, to choose how they live and what they do, to be in control of their own lives and to be able to make plans for the future.

It was set up in 1987 by members of Hamhp and others looking for ways to develop new services for people with learning difficulties in Hackney.

Some Hilt houses have
support day and night It does this by places to live and help with what people do with their lives.

Some Hilt houses are
not easy for Betty to visit

Betty Steingold is on the Hilt management committee. She wants to know how people with difficulty walking can get round Hilt houses.

Sara said that Betty's visits have shown HILT some of the things that make it difficult for people with disabilities. We thought Albion Drive was accessible but found that wheelchair users who propelled themselves had difficulties. Also, walkers with difficulties had no rails to cling to, when walking down slope.

Robert is an active member of People First

Robert Daniels helped to appoint Susan to her job as Director of HILT. He was on a selection panel made up of people with learning disabilities. He was recommended to this post by Hackney People First.

Alan Reid is one Hamhp
member who lives in a Hilt house

Alan Reid lives in a Hilt house. He wants to know what can be done to keep good staff.

Christine Hill asked: Is there a problem keeping and retaining staff?

Susan: We have salaried staff and also use a "Bank" of staff from which we select someone when needed - instead of going to an Agency. These are people known to the residents.

Hamhp Meetings

Everyone welcome

Further information

Visit the Hamhp website at:

Visit the Hilt website at:

One of the HILT Houses is a block of flats called "Rotheley House". Some Hamhp members who live there like it a lot. Some Hamhp members who do not live there have anxieties about it.

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Wini Forbes is a parent who wants to make sure rsidents of HILT houses are properly cared for.

Wini: I suggest that someone should be a continuous watch and listener at night in Rotheley House.

Susan: Three staff are in the building at night and there are three volunteers living there.

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