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Valuing People

Notes by Barbara Layne

Hackney Action on Learning Disability is discussing the issues raised by the government policy document Valuing People: A New Strategy for Learning Disability for the 21st Century. This page has been prepared by Barbara Layne, one of our Chairs, to help the discussion.

SECTION 1- Tony Blair's statement

I have listened to the message from Tony Blair and I am very impressed with what he had to say about people with learning difficulties and the discrimination they are facing in their lives.

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SECTION 2 - From Service Users

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the page - that's better People with learning difficulties are looking at the importance of better links with employment, transport, leisure and housing.

Not all service users are able to work and those who can, want to know what kind of job they will be placed in and the support that will be given to them.

Service Users Advisory Groups and groups like HAMHP have helped people with learning difficulties over the years to have a voice but few are listening.

I have seen lots of changes in Local Councils over the last 5 years. This was not good for some people with disabilities. Some things remain the same but others who shout the loudest get heard and move on.

Leisure, transport and housing are our main concerns. Not everyone can get around without help. I have noticed that the buses have tail lifts for those who are capable of using them. But without the help of the public or a conductor this can be very difficult.

SECTION 3 - Introduction
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the page - that's better Users support all kinds of advocacy and help for people to get payments.

I want to know where these groups will be based and have access to a phone number with a person to answer at the other end. Not just an answer phone.

SECTION 6 - Support for your parents and carers
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For Older Carers there should be an agreed plan and a person-centred approach. When one is no longer able to care there should be more support.

Older carers need lots of help. There was a time when there was a base where they could go for help, but like so many groups this was discontinued.

What makes us so sure that anything will work? But it is good to see it on paper. Let's wait and see.

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